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One Sheet (OS) - 27" x 41"
Standard movie poster printed on light paper stock. Unless otherwise noted, such posters have typically been folded in the past.

Half-Sheet (HS) - 22" x 28"
Printed on heavier card stock.

Insert (INS) - 14" x 36"
Printed on heavier card stock.

Window Card (WC) - 14" x 22"
Printed on hard stock.

Lobby Card (LC) - 11" x 14"
Printed on heavier card stock. Eight different cards exist for every movie, and together they make up a Lobby Card Set (LCS). Many titles have a Title Card (TC), plus seven Scene Cards (SC).


Grading the condition of movie posters or lobby cards is not an exact science, and by its very nature highly subjective. We did try, however, to be as fair as possible in order to avoid disappointments. These are our ratings of the condition of material found in our website. For your convenience, we've attached numerical values to the following descriptions, on a scale of ten:

Mint (M) - 10 - As the name implies, a perfect specimen. We rarely use this description.
Near Mint-Mint (NM-M) - 9.5
Near Mint (NM) - 9 - An unused card in superb condition.
Excellent-Near Mint (EX-NM) - 8.5 - Extremely fine condition.
Excellent (EX) - 8
Very Fine-Excellent (VF-EX) - 7.5 - Above-average condition.
Very Fine (VF) - 7
Fine-Very Fine (F-VF) - 6.5 - Typically used/average condition.
Fine (F) - 6
Very Good-Fine (VG-F) - 5.5 - Below average condition.
Very Good (VG) - 5
Good-Very Good (G-VG) - 4.5
Good (G) - 4 - Below average.
Poor (P) - 3 - We tend not to stock cards in this condition.



Lobby cards have been produced and shipped to theatres for display in their lobbies since their inception in the early 'teens. However, with the decline of the traditional theatres and their replacement with multiplexes with tiny lobbies, lobby cards themselves became a thing of the past. Consequently, by 1985 most American studios stopped making them. This is at least one reason for the growing popularity of "foreign material," meaning outside of the U.S.A. The good news is that these very same American studios continued producing "American" lobby cards for distribution abroad. Some of these lobbies find their way back to this continent because of collectors' demand. These newer lobbies are not priced as high as the classics, although they can be just as rare. The bottom line is that if you like to collect, say, Johnny Depp, you may find it just as difficult as collecting Clark Gable. Lobby Card Invasion is proud to offer a considerable collection of lobby cards from both contemporary and classic movies.

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